Gov. Rick Snyder’s mantra, as he frequently reminds us, is “relentless positive action.” Given the building tension over his plan to bail out Detroit Public Schools, he may need to spend the Thanksgiving holiday repeating this to himself.

Things are getting ugly. As it gets closer to when the Senate will introduce bills to save DPS financially and boost academics in all city schools, lawmakers and a group of Detroit leaders have begun outright sparring. Last week, after members of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren took a field trip to Lansing to garner support for the city’s schools, House Speaker Kevin Cotter made it clear he won’t play nice.

Cotter, R-Mount Pleasant, released the following statement: “In the spring, the Coalition released a plan that actually forgot about ‘Detroit’s schoolchildren’ and instead tried to put the focus on bigger handouts and more power for the adults. Now, they refuse to talk about the ‘future’ of the district’s finances at all and choose instead to debate the past.”

That’s got to be discouraging for the governor. He and his education team have worked hard on getting this legislation ready since spring and have tried to build support among various stakeholders. The bills have been delayed several times, but the latest deadline is Dec. 1.

Given the additional pushback from Democrats and charter school groups, even Snyder may have a hard time staying relentlessly positive.

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