Editor’s Note: ‘Detroit’s done a lot for us’

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

Shinola launched a new watch last week, the third in its Great American Series honoring American innovators.

The Detroit-based watch and bicycle company’s latest limited edition watch pays tribute to Muhammad Ali. Part of the proceeds will go toward the Muhammad Ali Center.

As with most things Shinola does, the launch party was cool, with a hip crowd. And it was fittingly held at the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym, which is east of downtown Detroit.

Plus, Shinola auctioned off a variety of items to help fund the nonprofit youth boxing program, which serves about 65 students and gives them something constructive to do after school, in addition to offering meals and a place to study. But more than 300 kids are on the waiting list.

There’s no question Shinola helped the boxing program by raising awareness of its work. Shinola has also helped Detroit’s image as the city seeks to rebuild after bankruptcy.

But when told the company has done a lot for Detroit, Shinola President Jacques Panis turned that comment around. “Detroit’s done a lot for us,” he said.

His comment struck me. Shinola, and other businesses like it springing up around the city are choosing to locate here because of what Detroit stands for and what value it can bring to their work.

That’s encouraging. And let’s hope the positive momentum continues.