Editor’s Note: It’s not all bad news in Michigan

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

The first few months of 2016 have been rough on Michigan. The national — even international — spotlight has shone brightly on the state over the Flint water crisis and the poor building conditions and financial chaos of Detroit Public Schools.

Both situations have reflected poorly on state government, and the state as a whole.

While much work must still be done to ameliorate conditions in Flint and DPS, those situations should not completely overshadow the good things that are happening in Michigan.

The news last week of the state’s falling unemployment rate is a sign that the economy is in much better shape. Michigan’s rate, which not that long ago was one of the highest in the country, is now below the national average at 4.8 percent.

Private-sector jobs have increased by more than 444,000 since December 2010.

Gov. Rick Snyder deserves a lot of credit for what he did to boost Michigan’s business climate. And he’s continuing to work toward improving the job market and preparing residents for the good jobs that are available now.

A strong economy benefits the entire state, and that positive news shouldn’t be overlooked.