Editor’s Note: Give up the fight, Robert Davis

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

You have to hand it to Robert Davis, the longtime Detroit “activist.” He’s not letting a little thing like being in prison stop him from fighting Gov. Rick Snyder. Davis wants Mayor Mike Duggan out of office as well.

But it’s hard to take Davis seriously given his record. And others should question his motivation in trying to force a recall election for the governor. Davis is finishing an 18-month prison sentence at a Detroit halfway home. He landed there after stealing about $200,000 from Highland Park schools, while a school board member.

During the time he was cheating the district — and its students — of much-needed cash, Davis was enjoying spending sprees at car dealerships, hotels and a custom-clothing store.

All the while, Davis was challenging Snyder’s appointment of an emergency manager at the Highland Park district.

Davis’ self-righteous and self-serving lawsuit against the governor blew up in his face after he was charged.

Rather than reflect on his own behavior, however, Davis seems set on continuing his activism. And U.S. District Judge Judith Levy seems to think he has every right to do that. Levy last week issued a preliminary injunction against the Board of State Canvassers, which had rejected petitions from Davis, who is intent on forcing a recall vote over Snyder’s role in the Flint water crisis.

Regardless of what Davis ends up doing, his latest crusade against the governor should not detract from his own selfishness and theft.