Jacques: State Dems only willing to forgive their own

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

Isn’t it time to lay off Michigan State Police chief Kriste Kibbey Etue?

The police chief has received her fair share of public flogging and shaming. One would think based on all the outcry, she had actually done something truly horrible — such as broken a law, or worse.

Etue is guilty of showing poor judgment by sharing a meme on her Facebook page that called NFL players who kneel during the national anthem “degenerates” and “millionaire ingrates” disrespecting those serving this country. It was a violation of the state police social media policy, and she’s been punished above and beyond what was necessary.

Gov. Rick Snyder decided she should lose five days’ pay, while still having to go to work. He also said that was enough. Etue has profusely apologized and is trying to make amends.

But this isn’t enough to silence the cries for her firing. The post Etue shared said nothing about race, but Michigan Democrats and other liberal critics are making it all about race. They care more about making some political point than just punishment.

The Michigan Black Legislative Caucus is one of the groups leading the charge to oust the police chief. Perhaps the caucus should clean its own house first, however, before obsessing over Etue’s relatively minor transgression.

Yet the Black Caucus seems to have unlimited forgiveness for the major transgressions of Democrats in public service.

Consider former Rep. Brian Banks of Harper Woods, who has a laundry list of past felonies and had to resign from the House in February as part of a plea deal in a criminal bank loan forgery case. This month, Banks announced he’ll run for state Senate.

And then there’s former Highland Park school board member Robert Davis, who went to prison for stealing thousands from the district, while children there were going to school in disgusting circumstances. Now he’s working for Rep. LaTanya Garrett of Detroit as a legislative aide and policy analyst. Garrett has said Davis is “very loyal” and that his job “doesn’t involve cash.”

Thank goodness for that.

Similarly, no one in the Black Caucus has called for Sen. Bert Johnson, D-Highland Park, to resign, even though he’s awaiting federal trial for allegedly stealing at least $20,000 from taxpayers by employing a “ghost” worker.

Etue has done her time. Let’s move on.