Labor Voices: Michigan GOP leaders must reject Trump

Ron Bieber

Pop quiz, Michigan. Aside from being Republican elected officials, what do Attorney General Bill Schuette, Lt. Governor Brian Calley, U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, and Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter all have in common?

The answer: Each and every one of them is still supporting Donald Trump for president.

The same Donald Trump who said “our wages are too high.” The same Trump who said “I don’t want to raise the minimum wage.”

In a normal election year, it would be understandable — albeit disappointing — for prominent Republicans to stand by their party’s nominee despite these wrongheaded comments.

But this is no ordinary election year. And Donald Trump is not a normal candidate for president.

After all, what kind of a man stands up at a rally and makes fun of a reporter’s physical disability for a few cheap laughs?

What kind of a man viciously attacks the Gold Star parents of an American soldier who died while bravely protecting the men under his command?

What kind of a man openly asks Vladimir Putin’s government to interfere in an American election by committing cyber espionage to attack his opponent?

These are the actions of a man who lacks clear judgment, respect for our democracy, and basic human decency.

Look, we’re not talking about a reality TV show here. We can’t just change the channel when we don’t like what one loudmouth has to say.

This election is about choosing the person with the right experience, ideas, and temperament to hold the most powerful office on the face of the earth. And Donald Trump has proven — repeatedly — that he is totally unfit to sit in the Oval Office and have access to the nuclear launch codes.

By continuing to support Donald Trump for president, Bill Schuette, Brian Calley, Candice Miller, Tim Walberg, and Kevin Cotter have all made a political calculation that they can advance their political careers by putting party before country.

Here’s my question to them — what will it take for you to withdraw your support from Donald Trump?

How low would he have to stoop for you to say enough is enough?

Would Trump have to call women “fat pigs”? Would he have to call Mexican immigrants “rapists”? Would he have to call for a total ban on Muslim immigration? Would he have to suggest closing “a couple of plants” and sending auto jobs to other states as a way to cut wages for Michigan auto workers?

Well, Donald Trump has already done all of those things. The bar can’t get much lower.

In this great nation of ours, reasonable people can disagree vigorously about public policy. That kind of high-minded debate is exactly what the Founding Fathers envisioned for our democracy. It’s why America is already great.

But Donald Trump is not a reasonable person. He is dangerous. He will make life harder for all working Americans. And he must be stopped.

It’s time for Bill Schuette, Brian Calley, Candice Miller, Tim Walberg, Kevin Cotter, and everyone who loves our country to do the right thing and say with one clear voice that Michigan rejects Donald Trump.

Labor Voices

Labor Voices columns are written on a rotating basis by United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams, Teamsters President James Hoffa, Michigan AFL-CIO President Ron Bieber and Michigan Education Association President Steven Cook.