President Barack Obama's amateurish, ideologically driven approach to foreign policy continues to drive wedges between the United States and its most loyal friends.

Greg Sheridan, foreign editor of the Australian, writes in the Wall Street Journal that during Obama's recent stop Down Under, he spoke to an audience of college students. Instead of focusing on Australia's unwavering support of America's military missions in the Middle East and its Asian initiatives, Obama chose instead to not so subtly dress down Prime Minister Tony Abbott for back-tracking on carbon control.

Abbott, in the interest of reviving Australia's economy, repealed the nation's unpopular carbon tax. Obama, ever the community activist, regaled the students with unsubstantiated claims about the consequences of global warming to the Great Barrier Reef, and other mythical climate change scenarios.

Then he urged them to raise their voices until their leaders heard them. Coming into a friend's home and agitating their children is not good for a relationship. But for the president, maintaining vital friendships is less important than spreading the global warming gospel. If America has any friends left by the time this guy leaves office, it will be lucky.

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