Editor’s Note: Europe doesn’t recognize terror

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

What would you call a group that has carried out more than 100 terrorist attacks killing more than 500 people? A group that has fired thousands of rockets indiscriminately into civilian neighborhoods? One that has a history of strapping bombs to zealots and sending them into crowds to blow up themselves and others?

How about a terrorist group?

That would seem a fitting title for Hamas, the Palestinian militant faction that has done all of those things and more. It’s why the United States keeps Hamas on its list of terror groups.

But this week the European Union voted to remove Hamas from its terror list, citing the evolution of the group.

The transformation must have come since the summer, when Hamas rocket fire prompted Israel to sweep through the Gaza Strip. Or since this fall, when Hamas cheered the butchering of five Jews while they were worshipping in a Jerusalem synagogue.

The European Union did hold back on giving full recognition to a Palestinian state, saying such a distinction should come only with the resumption of peace talks.

But pretending Hamas is anything but a terror outfit only encourages more terrorism, and makes peace impossible. Europe’s moral compass is spinning wildly when it comes to Israel.