Editor’s Note: Dump Detroit City Airport

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Detroit’s former emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, was asked during his exit interview Tuesday before the Detroit Economic Club why he didn’t sell the Coleman A. Young International Airport — City Airport — to help resolve the city’s bankruptcy.

Basically, Orr said nobody wanted the facility, which handles general aviation traffic.

The same old problems dog City Airport — runways that are too short for most commercial airplanes and a really bad neighborhood not conducive to attracting passengers.

In addition, Orr noted the fences around the airport have been stripped away by those who stage illegal drag races in the area, making it no longer secure.

City Airport is an albatross.

It still requires a heavy subsidy from the city treasury to stay afloat.

Much of its business is from corporate jets, meaning the poorest people in the region are subsidizing a facility used mostly by the richest.

A solution needs to be found for the airport.

If the city can’t sell it, it should consider simply giving it away, if it can find a taker.