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Editor’s Note: Scott Walker right to avoid gotcha game

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Why should Scott Walker have to answer for the sins of Rudy Giuliani?

Walker, the Wisconsin governor and presumed presidential hopeful was in the room when the former New York mayor made his ridiculous accusation that President Barack Obama hated America.

So immediately, the microphones were stuck in front of Walker’s face. Did he agree with Giuliani? Walker, still getting a feel for the national spotlight, declined to be drawn in, and is now being roundly denounced for bungling the moment.

And of course, that’s led to other questions, such as: Does Walker think Obama is a Christian?

Walker, who was earlier grilled on his position on evolution and had his decision to drop out of college scrutinized, rightly dismisses all this as “gotcha” politics and is refusing to participate. Good for him.

Walker is in his second term as Wisconsin governor and has beat back recalls and court challenges to continue his mission of wresting control of the state from self-serving labor unions. His policies are working. And yet, instead of asking him about pension reform and balanced budgets, the media is only interested in tripping him up with irrelevant questions.

He should keep pushing away the microphone until he hears a question worth answering.