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Editor’s Note: Don’t trash where you live

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

March is a tough month for Michigan. The space between melting and blooming suspends the state in a gray, muddy waiting period marked by bare tree limbs and leftover mounds of dirty snow — or snirt, if you prefer.

Making it worse is that as the snow recedes, all of the garbage that has been tossed out car windows over the winter begins to reveal itself.

On a Sunday bike ride through Edward Hines Park in western Wayne County, I came across a pile of home remodeling trash that had been dumped on the side of the path. The green space along the park drive was filthy with discarded aluminum cans, fast food wrappers, coffee cups and, of course, plastic shopping bags.

We’re not all pigs in Michigan, but there are enough swine among us to make the rest of us look bad. What kind of people so willfully trash the place where they live? Does a landscape littered with refuse strike them as lovely?

We can do better than this. There are enough challenges this time of year to finding the beauty in Southeast Michigan without us contributing our individual handfuls of ugly.

Put your trash in trash cans, not on the streets.