Editor’s Note: Is Sen. Smith a gun hypocrite?

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

For a guy who likes to get naked and shoot off rifles (who doesn’t?) State Sen. Virgil Smith has been consistently hostile to the rights of gun owners.

In fact, the Detroit Democrat, who was arrested this week after firing several bullets into his ex-wife’s car, earned a 0 percent ranking from the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners and a D grade from the National Rifle Association for his votes on gun issues.

Smith has been a reliable no vote for nearly every measure to expand gun and hunting rights, and a regular yes vote on measures to limit concealed rights of gun owners. He also voted against the so-called Castle Doctrine, which greatly expanded the rights of Michigan residents to use deadly force to protect their homes and property.

And yet Smith apparently kept a rifle at home and used it when his ex-wife reportedly attacked another woman she found in the bed of his Detroit home.

Is he a closeted gun nut like the ones he’s sought to protect Michigan from with his legislative votes? Or is this another case of a politician who wants to impose restrictions on his constituents he isn’t willing to live by himself?