Maybe all the hand-wringing over the values of the Millennial generation is overwrought. They may actually return America to something closer to its roots.

That is if Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, is right in his assessment.

Warner recently bemoaned the fact that a vast number of Millennials — thanks to the weak economic recovery his party helped orchestrate — are working in non-traditional contract jobs with outfits such as Uber and TaskRabbit that don’t come with the traditional safety net benefits such as pensions, health insurance and worker’s compensation.

Instead, the senator notes, many are putting together several different occupations, including running their own small Internet businesses, to get by.

It’s odd that Warner, who made bundles as a tech entrepreneur before going to Congress, would see this as a worrisome trend.

The better view is that these young workers are learning valuable survival skills. Rather than depending on big corporations or big government to take care of them, they are becoming self-reliant and entrepreneurial so they can take care of themselves.

Smart kids, particularly since Warner and his congressional cohorts have done nothing to assure that Social Security and Medicare will still be around when it’s their turn to collect.

A generation emerging that feels less entitled and doesn’t wait for someone else to solve its problems could restore to America the innovation and ambition that has been long on the wane.

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