Editor’s Note: ‘Scandals’ of GOP candidates mounting

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

One-by-one, the deal-breaking defects of the Republican presidential field are being exposed. Thank goodness for the even-handed diligence of the political press.

First we learned from the New York Times that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been issued four traffic citations in two decades. The deep dive by The Times’ investigative journalists also revealed that Rubio has sometimes struggled to pay his bills, and that when he got a windfall from writing a book he bought some toys for his family instead of investing it all in Treasury notes. How could someone with such everyday middle class experiences possibly relate to the problems faced by average Americans voters?

With Rubio’s clay feet fully exposed, the media turned to combing through the ancient emails of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Pay dirt! Many years ago, it was revealed this week by the Washington Post, Bush sent a message to an aide in which he lapsed into Spanish, referring to Abraham Lincoln as “presidente” instead of president. The Post deduced this gaffe might signal to GOP voters a softness on illegal immigration. Well of course.

It’s hard to see how candidates with these sorts of skeletons in their closets could prevail against Democrat Hillary Clinton, whose only shortcomings revealed so far are that she colluded with her husband to market the presidency and wiped her private e-mail server clean of any evidence that might incriminate her in the bungling of the Benghazi response.

That’s pretty weak stuff compared to a couple of traffic tickets and daring to speak Spanish.