Finley: With Iran nuclear deal, Obama sells out Israel

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is not bound by the terms of the arms deal President Barack Obama forged with Iran. But the agreement would bind his hands in preventing his country's most dangerous enemy from getting a nuclear bomb.

In theory, Israel, as a non-signer of the pact, could act preemptively to destroy Iran's nuclear capability. But from a practical standpoint, Israel can't strike a nation with which the United States has a treaty permitting it to do exactly the things the Israelis find threatening.

As strained as relations may be between the two nations, Israel would not attack Iran in defiance of the United States.

So for the next 15 years, the Israelis have to sit and watch as the insane mullah posse next door continues to enrich uranium and do nuclear research and development, ostensibly for peaceful purposes, knowing full well the work is bringing them ever closer to Israel's nightmare.

They'll have to do the same as Iran begins importing the materials and technology necessary to construct intercontinental ballistic missiles, which, when married to a nuclear warhead, will enable it to fulfill its promise to wipe Israel off the map.

In the nearer term, Israel must worry about the vast treasure trove to land at Iran's door soon after the treaty is signed. Up to $150 billion in funds previously denied Iran by the economic sanctions will surge into its treasury perhaps as early as December. Those riches will catapult Iran into most powerful nation status in the region, vastly increasing its ability to meddle in the affairs of other countries and to boost its terrorist philanthropy.

One of its favorites, Hezbollah, uses the gifts from Iran to torment Israel. The terror group is in line for a greater infusion of funds to pay for more rockets to fire at Israeli schools and homes.

Israel has forever lived in a very dangerous neighborhood. But it ain't seen nothin' yet. Since this agreement paves a clear path for Iran to become a threshold nuclear nation, its nervous neighbors will want the same. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others will begin work immediately to catch-up to Iran. The irony of this deal is that it is bound to defeat Obama's primary goal of reducing nuclear proliferation; in 15 years, the grievance-laden Middle East will be filled with nuke-toting nations.

Perhaps worst of all, the Israelis must suffer the insults to their intelligence from Obama and other world leaders who hope to convince them this agreement will actually guarantee their safety. They aren't that stupid. Israel is acutely attuned to risks to its survival. That's why there's near unanimous agreement among its normally divided political parties to come together to fight this deal.

Since taking office, Obama's support for Israel has been suspect. He has steadily and intentionally weakened the special relationship between the United States and Israel, distancing America from its true ally and adopting the European view that the Jews are the real problem in the Middle East.

With the Iran deal, Obama has taken what may ultimately be viewed as the final step of abandoning the Jewish state.


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