Editor’s Note: Linking guns and Social Security

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

What’s Social Security got to do with gun control? The answer should be “nothing.” But in this new all powerful government world President Barack Obama is building, it soon may be “a lot.”

The White House is floating a proposal to force elderly citizens to either give up their guns or their Social Security checks if they’re not capable of managing their own affairs, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

The administration wants to bring Social Security under the background check system, which denies gun ownership to those with mental issues, including reduced competency. That could take in 4.2 million seniors who have turned over their financial affairs to a third party.

A senior with memory problems or who is no longer up to handling the household finances does not necessarily present a risk to misuse a gun. That senior may still need self-defense.

It should be up to a court to decide whether an individual senior is at risk of harming himself or others.

America’s workers and their employers pay into the Social Security system. The money belongs to the beneficiary. It should not be leveraged by the government to coerce behaviors. If allowed to start with gun control, there will soon be no end to the conditions placed on collecting the benefit every American worker has funded and earned.