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Editor’s Note: Response needed to IRS audit

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

A government audit blames the IRS bias against conservative groups on flawed procedures and poor record-keeping, which make it difficult to determine a pattern of persecution.

The finding is useful, but what would be more appropriate is an urgent plan for fixing what’s wrong in the agency.

Among the shortcomings identified by the General Accounting Office are vague reporting details on who gets audited and why; no requirement that staff get management approval to deviate from standard practices; the disappearance of complaints and the willy-nilly method of choosing organizations that get audited.

The GOP-controlled House Ways and Means committee will hold hearings on the audit.

Don’t count on that leading to an end to the abuse. The Obama administration has been nonchalant in its response to evidence that the tax-collecting agency was used for nefarious political purposes. Little has changed inside the IRS.

Taxpayers still have reason to wonder if they’ll be targeted for their political views.

This is unacceptable. The immediate response to the audit by the IRS should be to make critical changes to rid itself of bias.