Credit Michigan’s Candice Miller with helping to assure her fellow Congress members don’t spend taxpayer money as if it were their own.

Miller, R-Harrison Township, is chairman of the House Administration Committee, which sets the rules for how representatives conduct their business.

Last week, the committee proposed new rules aimed at curbing lavish travel and office decorating spending by members.

The rules would require more detailed disclosure of travel and decorating expenses, and they come in the aftermath of the abuses by ex-Rep. Aaron Schock, who spent 40 grand turning his House office into a replica of the “Downton Abbey” TV set.

Members will now have to get permission before spending more than $5,000 on office furniture and $7,000 on chartered air flights.

They also won’t be able to collect mileage reimbursement for travel in vehicles owned by their political campaign committees.

Expense reports will be made more detailed, and easier for the public to find and read.

Small steps, but significant in reminding Congress members that they are in Washington to serve, not be served.

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