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Finley: Hold a refugee summit in Michigan

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Rather than allow the resettlement of Syrian refugees to fester into another divisive partisan issue, the nation's governors and the federal agencies involved should convene an emergency summit to discuss the concerns.

Gov. Rick Snyder would be the perfect host.

Bring top officials from the State and Homeland Security departments to Michigan to meet with governors and law enforcement officials from the states that will be receiving refugees.

Why Snyder? Because while he's among the 31 governors who have asked for a pause in refugee admissions, he also is a strong supporter of welcoming the immigrants if the federal government can assure the integrity of the screening process.

The summit would give the feds the opportunity to explain how refugees are vetted, and to explore any shortcomings that might allow a terrorist to slip in.

Americans are frightened, and should expect their leaders to address their concerns.

President Barack Obama has shown no interest in calming the fears with a thorough examination and explanation of the program. Snyder should fill the void.