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Editor’s Note: Slowing refugees aids genocide

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Any attempt to slow the acceptance by the United States of refugees from the Middle East will aid the genocide of the few remaining Christians in the region.

Those Americans who urge a slamming of the door on the asylum seekers out of fear of terrorism ought to understand that doing so would abet the slaughter of Christians.

Some are advocating that only Christian refugees be allowed to immigrate from the Middle East to the U.S. That idea has been roundly denounced as racist, and President Barack Obama called it un-American.

Perhaps. But there are good reasons to rush the admittance of Christian refugees, even as the administration is sorting out the safeguards for processing immigrants.

Christians are being systematically eliminated from the region by the Islamic State barbarians. Thousands of Christians have been beheaded, crucified and burned to death in Syria and western Iraq. Estimates are that only 250,000 Christians remain in their ancient Syrian homes, and 700,000 have been displaced. The Islamic State has dispatched assassins to kill Christians seeking safety in Syrian refugee camps.

The survival of this specific target for ISIS persecution shouldn’t be caught up in America’s political wars.

All refugees should be welcomed in the United States, and particular urgency should be given to the Christians enduring a gruesome genocide.