At least four Detroit officers on leave pending fatal shooting probe

Editor’s Note: Conyers clings on and on and on

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

A Detroit looking hopefully to the future does not need political representation that’s locked to the past. That’s what it’ll have if voters do what they always do and return Democrat John Conyers to Congress in 2016 just because his name appears on the ballot.

A lot of his fellow Democrats were hoping the 86-year-old congressman would forgo seeking a 27th term and give one of Detroit’s promising young leaders a chance at the seat. But this week, he announced he’ll run once more for re-election.

So unless someone musters the courage to challenge Conyers and is willing to raise the issue of his physical and mental capabilities for office in doing so, Detroit will endure another term of less than the dynamic representation it needs in Washington.

Of course, his funders — the UAW primarily — could tap Conyers on the shoulder and tell him it’s time to step aside for a younger and more effective representative. But don’t count on that.

Too many politicians cling to the office until their next appointment is with the undertaker. Looks like Conyers is determined to be one of them.