More gun control laws won’t stop terrorism.

Before it became clear Syed Farook had been radicalized by Islamists, including his wife, and was acting in sympathy with their terrorist networks, the focus went knee jerk to his weapons, not his motive.

President Barack Obama quickly weaved the San Bernardino massacre into his narrative of an America obsessed with guns, calling again for “common sense” laws to keep weapons away from killers.

Like the ones they have in Paris?

France has among the most restrictive gun control laws in the world. There is no right to bear arms in France, as there is in America under the Second Amendment. French law requires a psychological review before a permit is issued to purchase a hunting weapon; other types of firearms, including semi automatic rifles and handguns, require additional permitting, and no weapon can hold more than three rounds.

And still a band of armed-to-the-teeth terrorists were able to carry out their carnage with an arsenal that would make the most deadly American lunatic envious.

Farook, an American Muslim, and his Pakistani-born wife, Tashfeen Malik, built a similar cache of guns and explosives that they likely had help assembling.

Terrorists, as Paris proves, won’t be deterred by legislation.

Obama lost his mojo when the story line moved from guns to terrorism. Gun control fits onto his legacy list; combating Islamism doesn’t.

The president is quick to unholster his outrage when run-of-the-mill nutballs go on shooting sprees, but much slower to throw down on terrorism. After the racially motivated killings in Charleston, South Carolina, he helped drive a movement that delivered tangible results. But a few weeks later, when a jihadist opened fire on military personnel in Chattanooga, Obama went silent.

That killing spree was allowed to fade away without sparking a serious discussion on protecting America from radicalized Americans. Expect the California murders to slip into the same closet.

These California killings should stir the same passion in Obama for confronting domestic terrorism as other shooting sprees have for restricting gun rights.

Nothing the president has offered in terms of gun control will deter a terrorist attack. Domestic terrorists are a distinctly different mass killing threat.

There’s something more sinister going on here than can be fixed by closing a few holes in America’s already extensive gun laws. While gun violence is on a 25-year downward trend, Islamism is growing in this country, fueled by the Internet.

U.S. citizens are being radicalized to this hateful ideology and turning it on their countrymen. Obama has dozens of ideas for taking apart the Second Amendment, but he’s got no visible strategy for protecting Americans from the Islamists in their midst.

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