Editor’s Note: CDC says don’t drink and procreate

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

You’ve heard the warnings at the end of pharmaceutical commercials: “If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, don’t take” .... whatever drug is being pushed in the ad.

Now the Centers for Disease Control wants to extend that warning to alcohol and certain painkillers.

The center is advising all women of child-bearing age to lay off the hooch, or at least vastly limit its intake. The concern, it says, is that a woman might be pregnant and not know it, and her bender could seriously harm that newly forming baby. It issued a similar concern about opioid painkillers.

The Internet caught fire afterward, with women protesting that the CDC views them as little more than baby incubators and seeks to deny them not only pleasure, but also pain relief.

They also saw a bit of victim blaming in the CDC warning that alcohol consumption leads to bad things beyond birth defects, including sexually transmitted diseases and rape.

It also leads, well, to pregnancy.

It’s not hard to imagine how much smaller America’s population would be if women of child-bearing age had been heeding the CDC’s warning on booze.