Editor’s Note: She shouts, he shouts, we all shout

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Hillary Clinton is going to keep the sexism gun locked and loaded in the presidential campaign. She fired the charge at her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, after the Vermont senator complained of gun control advocates “shouting” instead of working toward meaningful solutions.

Even though Sanders didn’t mention her by name, Clinton seized on the word, deeming it sexist that, because she’s been pushing for more gun control, and she’s a woman, Sanders was applying a stereotype to her, that being that women shout instead of talk.

But Clinton does shout, as do many other women. Sanders shouts, too, as do a lot of men, including Donald Trump, Chris Christie and sometimes even Jeb Bush.

And many of the loudest shouters about gun control, notably President Barack Obama, are men.

It’s a long stretch to infer from his comment that Sanders is a sexist.

Watch for more of this. Clinton will hide behind her own skirts throughout the campaign, dismissing any and all criticism of her or her positions as rooted in sexism.

It’s a cheap tactic for someone who has stood at the top tier of politics and government. And it lessens her pitch that she’s a strong, competent and confident leader who just happens to be a woman.