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Editor’s Note: Snyder’s blame shifting is pointless

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

By now, most people in Michigan have decided how much blame they place on Gov. Rick Snyder for the Flint water crisis. It does the governor little good to keep pointing fingers.

Snyder admirably shouldered responsibility for Flint’s tainted water when it became public. And he apologized to the people of Flint. That was the right thing to do — as governor, the buck stops on his desk.

But this week at a public political forum in Detroit, Snyder engaged in a bit of blame shifting. He placed responsibility for the failure to properly treat Flint River water on bureaucrats “with an absolute lack of common sense.”

The governor is likely right that incompetence in both the local and state bureaucracies led to the initial failures that allowed lead into the water.

But as he has acknowledged, his own slow response and the abysmal communications among his executive team helped keep the bad water flowing months longer than it should have.

Lots of people and agencies across the government spectrum share blame for Flint.

Continuing to focus on who failed to do what is pointless. Snyder should focus all his messaging instead on what’s being done to fix Flint.