Editor’s Note: Detroit businesses do both good and well

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Did you know?

■There’s a company in Detroit (Detroit Denim) that makes blue jeans for men that sell for $250 a pair?

■The firm that develops those sometimes annoying but probably essential “Are You a Human?” codes you have to retype to make a web purchase is also based in Detroit?

■Detroit has a full-blown farm supply store (Detroit Farm and Garden) that rivals the best ag shops in a rural community?

■Two guys are building a grease empire in the city (Detroit Grease) by turning restaurant waste into bio-diesel fuel?

■A startup firm (Rebel Nell) employs formerly down-and-out women to make really cool jewelry out of graffiti paint chips?

■Another entrepreneurial firm (Loveland Technologies) is mapping the United States parcel by parcel to help municipalities better manage property information?

Some of that I knew, and some I didn’t, but all those companies and more were on display this week during the annual NewCo conference, which highlights businesses that are doing well by doing good.

It was inspiring for me to hear some of their stories from the Detroiters who are helping revive the city one small business at a time. And it was a reminder that the Motor City, built on innovation, will be rebuilt the same way.