America is always fighting culture wars. The latest is over who should use which bathroom.

North Carolina called down a national storm on itself by passing a law requiring its citizens to use the restroom that corresponds with their biological gender and not the one that matches their perceived sexual identity.

Michigan is inviting the same with a proposal by the state Board of Education to allow students to choose the bathroom that feels the most natural to them.

This bathroom war is unnecessary and could be resolved with some simple physical changes to the restroom itself.

That doesn’t mean making all restrooms one-seaters, an option transgender people reject because it doesn’t validate their gender choice.

In Europe, it’s not uncommon to find gender neutral restrooms that have an open main door with individual, locking stalls inside.

The stalls take care of the privacy issue. An open main door guards against predators.

And the cost of conversion will be a lot less than the cost of lawsuits.

We don’t need to fight this when such a simple solution should accommodate everyone’s concerns.

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