Editor’s Note: Cristo Rey: Detroit school bright spot

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Not all the education news in Detroit is bleak. Tuesday, one of the brightest spots on the city’s school landscape, Cristo Rey High School, announced a $2.5 million fundraising drive to upgrade facilities and add technology.

Cristo Rey opened in 2008 in the old Most Holy Redeemer High School building in southwest Detroit. Its mostly Hispanic students commit to working in paid internships to cover up to 60 percent of the cost of their tuition.

The school is flourishing, anticipating a 33 percent increase in enrollment. Its major fundraiser is Friday night in Eastern Market.

Over the past five years, 100 percent of Cristo Rey graduates have been accepted to college.

The school is a reminder of what Detroit’s most disadvantaged children can accomplish if lucky enough to attend a school where the adults place their interests first.

It stands in sharp contrast to the Detroit Public Schools, which have spent much of this week shut down by an illegal teacher strike.

The only reason all Detroit kids aren’t in schools like Cristo Rey is that the city’s leaders don’t care enough about them to make it happen.