Editor’s Note: No lesser evil among candidates

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Democrats are having themselves some fun watching Donald Trump’s Republican endorsers distance themselves from their presidential candidate’s latest round of despicable comments about Muslim and Mexican judges.

But they shouldn’t be so smug in their belief that they have in Hillary Clinton the lesser of two evils. There is no lesser evil in this campaign. Both are unqualified by their low characters, and parsing degrees of unfitness is a pointless exercise.

Trump is a piggish man, a sexist and racist who will continually embarrass those who’ve attached their name to him. Securing the nomination has not made him any more presidential in his demeanor. Rather, his compulsiveness and temper make him dangerous.

Justifying support for his candidacy because he might pick the right Supreme Court justices is weak.

Clinton’s status as a compulsive liar was confirmed again last week when the State Department’s inspector general said she lied about asking for and securing permission from the State Department to use her private email server. It’s the latest in a string of falsehoods she’s told about the server.

Justifying support for her because of her resume, and that she’s not Trump, is also weak. Richard Nixon had a great resume, and Clinton’s paranoia, chronic dishonesty and by-any-means-necessary quest for control and power are Nixonian, and very dangerous traits in a president.

Republicans and Democrats of good conscience should not feel compelled to line up behind these two extremely flawed candidates out of partisan duty.

Let him or her win the presidency on their own, without the votes and financial support of decent people. It’s the only way to avoid responsibility for what happens next.