Editor’s Note: Mateen’s motive, in his own words

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Transcripts of Omar Mateen’s phone calls to police during his terrorist slaughter in an Orlando night club contain some solid clues to his motive. He was an ISIS-wannabe, mentioning the Islamic State and its leaders repeatedly and pledging his allegiance to its mission.

What the transcripts released this week don’t contain are any anti-gay remarks, references to laws limiting transgender bathroom choices or any specific ill-feelings toward the gay and lesbian community. Mateen’s homophobia can be inferred from his choice of a gay nightclub as his target, and ISIS is the most rabidly anti-gay outfit in the world, but nothing in the sentiments he expressed suggests this attack was driven primarily by a hatred of gays.

That upsets the narrative the left has aggressively pushed that the attack on the Pulse club grew out of the failure of all Americans to fully embrace gay and transgender rights, and the continued hostility toward gays by some religious and socially conservative groups.

Those forces do still plague America, but what Mateen was saying was what you’d expect from an individual self-radicalized to ISIS and a hatred of Western culture in general.

The Obama administration attempted to redact the references to ISIS from the transcript because it understands that’s where Hillary Clinton, as the director of Obama’s failed foreign policy, is most vulnerable. Clinton and Obama refused to contain ISIS in the beginning, and the administration, according to its own CIA director, still hasn’t found an answer.

That’s why they want to paint this as being about American bigotry and lax gun control laws. But Mateen’s own words refute that claim and confirm this was another ISIS-inspired terror attack on all Americans.