Editor’s Note: System was rigged, and will be

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Philadelphia –

Democratic efforts to keep Bernie Sanders voters on board at the Democratic National Convention blew up even before the delegates arrived here, with the revelation that top party officials actively tried to sabotage the Vermont senator’s primary campaign.

So much for showing Republicans what party unity and an orderly convention looks like.

California Sanders’ supporters shouted down speakers at the delegation breakfast Monday with chants of “Count the vote!”

They’re mad and should be. Sanders was derided as being paranoid during the campaign for suggesting the national party was in cahoots with Hillary Clinton. Turns out, according to a massive WikiLeak email dump, he was right.

The revelation that the Democratic National Committee tried to plant stories questioning Sanders’ faith and engaged in other dirty tricks to derail Sanders lend proof to the senator’s claim that the system is rigged.

And even the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the convention opened will not remove the bitterness of his supporters.

But get used to it. Winning at all costs is the key strategy in the Clinton playbook. Destroying opponents through underhanded tactics is easier than defeating them on ideas.

Wasserman Schultz was never going to be a fair broker between Clinton and Sanders. She was co-chair of the failed Clinton campaign in 2008.

And who did the DNC choose to replace her? Donna Brazile, a prominent party consultant who in the 1988 presidential campaign, while working for Michael Dukakis, raised eyebrows with an extra-marital innuendo involving the Republican incumbent George H.W. Bush.

Perhaps the most disturbing piece of this episode is the role of the media. The leaked emails suggest a top Politico reporter sent a story to the DNC for approval before it was published.

Sanders was right. The system is rigged.

And if a Clinton returns to the White House, it will continue to be.