Editor’s Note: Is Trump trying to get Clinton elected?

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Leave it to Donald Trump to take an advantage and turn it into a disaster.

All the Republican presidential nominee had to do was keep his mouth shut and let his opponent, Hillary Clinton, continue to sweat questions about her campaign’s role in the attempted sabotage of Bernie Sanders by the Democratic National Committee.

The ham-handed scheme to denigrate Sanders’ faith and his Democratic credentials was revealed in emails hacked by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame. The Clinton camp had been clumsily trying to spin the story as an example of the Russians trying to meddle in a U.S. election (Assange has been accused of revealing national secrets and has been given sanctuary by Russian President Vladimir Putin.) And it was that. But that still didn’t diminish the facts, and the additional damage they did to Clinton’s already flagging credibility.

Instead of watching the fun, or keeping his comments aimed at what the Democrats did rather than who let the cat out of the bag, Trump made the worst mistake he could make. He encouraged the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails.

Idiotic beyond belief. It’s almost as if he wanted to play into Clinton’s defense strategy.

Now once again it is all about Trump. And no matter what damaging information Assange, who has promised an October surprise, delivers next, the story line will be about Trump colluding with the Russians to damage Clinton.

I can’t help believing that Trump is in this race to assure Hillary Clinton is elected president. Nothing else explains the sheer absurdity of his campaign.