Editor’s Note: Still Clinton’s race to lose

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Much is being made of the further tightening of the presidential polls this week. In the latest round, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually tied.

Some analysts are attributing the closing of the gap to a more focused and restrained Trump, who has managed to go a couple of weeks without dropping a verbal bomb.

But if you look at the numbers, the movement has little to do with Trump. It’s all about Clinton.

Trump has remained steady at about 40 to 42 percent for the last eight weeks. Clinton, however, moves up and down in the polling, and for the last couple of weeks she’s been mostly down.

She just can’t close the deal with a large number of voters, particularly independents, who don’t trust her. She has cemented the image that she can’t tell the truth, even about such simple things as having a minor health incident.

Just as Trump can’t stop making deal breaker remarks, Clinton can’t stop lying.

The group of voters still in play seems to want to support her, as evidenced by her up and down numbers, but she keeps driving them away.

This is her race to lose. Trump is stuck in place. He hasn’t been able to do anything to push his support up, and Clinton hasn’t been able to push his support down.

The contest will come down to her ability to move her own numbers higher and keep them there.