Count New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as this week’s biggest loser.

When a bomb went off on a Manhattan street Saturday night, de Blasio jumped quickly into the fray—not to make sure his citizens were safe, but to make sure they didn’t harbor any premature perceptions that this was an act of terror.

Let’s see. A bomb goes off on a crowded street of America’s largest city. Another undetonated bomb was found nearby. De Blasio said it was an “intentional act.” What else could it have been but terrorism?

At that point, it would have been premature to declare it the work of Islamic extremists, although the odds are always high of that being the case. And de Blasio didn’t need to speculate on who did it or why.

But he looked foolish in falling all over himself to cast it as something other than an act of terror.

Before he even knew the scope of the threat, he assured New Yorkers they were safe and to go back to their normal lives. That was irresponsible.

Why liberals like de Blasio work so hard to deny terror even when it is undeniable is beyond me. His people are smart enough to separate Islamic terrorists from their peaceful Muslim neighbors. They deserve the truth first.

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