Editor’s Note: Clinton rolls in campaign cash

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Hypocrisy is an integral part of politics, so Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign spending disclosure isn’t a shock.

The Democratic presidential nominee spent $50 million in August, which the Associated Press notes was $645,000 more per day than her Republican opponent, Donald Trump. The National Democratic Party spent another $28 million on her behalf.

And a super PAC dedicated to Clinton’s victory, Priorities USA, paid for $20.3 million in ads attacking Trump, and raised another $23 million to spend this month.

Remember Philadelphia? Clinton climbed on a high horse at the Democratic convention and vowed to chase money out of politics, particularly the so-called dark money from secretive super PACs. She promised to appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Citizens United, the decision that led to an explosion of huge donations to candidates.

Clinton is on pace to run the most expensive presidential campaign in history, surpassing the $1 billion spent by President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney four years ago.

If elected, she may indeed do what she promised in terms of campaign finance reform. But don’t expect her to do it until after her re-election campaign.