Editor’s Note: Wikileaks Clinton a lot less scary

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

When we finally get a glimpse of the real Hillary Clinton, I hope she looks like the version of herself revealed on the WikiLeaks release of her speeches to Wall Street and other groups.

The leaked portions of her remarks, if correct, reveal far more pro-business, pro-trade positions than what she’s taken on the campaign trail.

Specifically, Clinton told a Goldman Sachs gathering that Wall Street insiders should be at the table when regulation of the financial industry is being drawn. While that is an idea highly offensive to the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party, it is the responsible way to make policy.

The industry better understands the broad consequences of regulations than do consumer advocates, and should have a voice in their drafting.

Clinton also expressed support for free trade that goes well beyond the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which she has officially denounced. She told Wall Street she envisions a free trade zone covering all of the Americas. That’s a promising view.

Of course, the leaks also show her pledging to use executive orders to greatly restrict the Second Amendment, but that was no surprise.

If there are more business-friendly leaks like these coming, it may reassure conservatives and Republicans in the #NeverTrump camp that Clinton is not so frightening after all.