Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Betsy DeVos

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Right on cue, the National Education Association fired off a press release decrying the nomination of Grand Rapids’ Betsy DeVos as education secretary as an affront to public schools.

I sure hope the largest teacher union is right when it comes to schools like those in the Detroit Public Schools district, where corruption, incompetence and entrenched resistance to reform have doomed generations of children to poverty and ignorance.

One thing I know about Betsy DeVos: She will not tolerate that continued abuse of children.

DeVos is all about kids. She and her husband, Dick, have donated millions of dollars to efforts throughout the world to improve the quality of life of children.

Her focus on education reform stems from the sincere belief that every child, everywhere should have access to a quality education, and that access should not depend on a ZIP code.

That’s why she has been a powerful advocate of school choice, and not just charter schools. Her primary focus has been school vouchers to give parents more flexibility to find a good education.

She backs charters, private schools, internet classrooms and traditional public schools, as long as they adopt innovative teaching methods and meet the specific needs of each child.

Schools that have failed their students and continue to do so have reason to share the hysterical alarm expressed by the NEA. If they cheat kids, they’re going to be in DeVos’ sights.