Editor’s Note: Don’t pass by those Goodfellows

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

The Goodfellows are on street corners throughout Metro Detroit seeking donations to help make Christmas brighter for the children of struggling families.

Don’t pass them by.

Drop a buck or two — or 20 — into their Old Newsboy bags and drive away knowing you’ve made a solid investment in the holiday smiles of children.

Many of those collecting donations were once beneficiaries of the Goodfellows, who have been at their work in our community since 1914.

This year, the Detroit chapter will distribute 34,000 gift packages to kids age 4 to 13. Young girls will get one of the 10,000 dolls that were dressed by volunteers.

Roughly 20 items go into the gift boxes, and include clothing and toys.

Suburban communities also have Goodfellow chapters.

One of the champions of the organization is Peter Waldmeir, a former Detroit News columnist, and a guy I’ve tried to emulate. He was a tough journalist, but when it comes to kids, he has a big heart.

If you see Pete with his news bag, reach for your wallet. And know your money will be well used.