Editor’s Note: State Dems move beyond Clinton

Nolan Finley, The Detroit News

Evidence of the end of the Clinton era can be found within the state Democratic party.

I’m told Michigan Democrats, when they meet Saturday, will move to dump veteran campaign consultant Jill Alper from the state delegation to the Democratic National Committee.

In addition, Rep. Debbie Dingell from Dearborn, will voluntarily step down from the 12-member delegation to make room for a yet-to-be-named Bernie Sanders supporter. Dingell said after the election the state party needed to show more love to its Sanders wing, and she had to give up her own seat to make it happen.

Alper is extremely close to both Hillary Clinton and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Those are alliances that don’t carry much value post-election, particularly since Clinton lost Michigan both in the general election and in the Democratic primary.

Alper is sitting in the committee spot reserved for a nominee from the Detroit mayor. Sources tell me labor unions and others demanded Mayor Mike Duggan pick someone else. That will be a tough call for him; Alper is the wife of Dave Katz, a longtime Duggan sidekick.

There’s also pressure to have the mayoral spot filled with an African-American and a Detroiter. Alper lives in Grosse Pointe.

If Alper does go, it will signal state Democrats are done with Clinton, and Granholm, too.