Editor’s Note: Higher speeds, same lousy roads

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Now that the Michigan Legislature has approved a bill to raise speed limits on state roadways, maybe they’ll go back and provide the money to smooth the roads so that motorists can actually drive faster without losing their teeth or tires.

Six hundred miles of road will be raised to 75 mph from 70 mph, and 900 miles will go to 65 mph from 55.

I’m all for higher speed limits on most roads. Motorists are driving faster than the posted limits anyway, when road conditions allow.

Raising the limits to reflect reality will mean fewer traffic citations for motorists, hopefully.

But it’s irksome still that so many roadways in Michigan aren’t safe to navigate even at the current speed limits.

Blame that on a Legislature that failed to provide adequate resources for rebuilding or resurfacing highways that have been neglected for decades.

Lawmakers in 2015 approved a $1.2 billion roads package that was far less than Gov. Rick Snyder requested, and that the state needs to bring its roads into adequate condition.

So enjoy the higher speed limits. But watch out for the potholes. At 75 mph, they’re going to do a lot more damage.