Finley: I’ve been bitten by fake news

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Other than a restroom stall and at the top of a lawsuit, there are few places I’d rather not have my name appear than on the donor list for the Democratic Party.

But there, on a Federal Election Commission filing, is my name next to a $3,200 donation to a group affiliated with the Michigan Democratic Party.

It was brought to my attention several weeks ago by reporters chasing the angle of media members being in the pocket of the Dems. At first, I had no clue.

I’ve never made a political donation in my life, and I certainly wouldn’t make one of that size to that party.

Then it dawned on me that $3,200 is the amount The Detroit News paid for hotel rooms at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last summer. The party controlled the rooms at the Michigan delegation hotel, and we had to book through it.

So as I have with past conventions, I put both rooms on my credit card and filed an expense report.

How and why state Democrats listed that as a contribution, I don’t know. But our attorney is trying to find out. After we complained, the state party sent me a check for the full amount, which I didn’t want, since we had used the rooms and owed the money. And I really don’t want to be on another list as a Democratic vendor.

I’m mentioning it only because I got more calls this week, and understand that some Republican bloggers and posters are sending copies of the FEC filing around, touting it as an explanation for why I didn’t back Donald Trump for president, and other failings.

Thursday I wrote skeptically about fake news. And now today, fake news is biting me in the butt.