Donald Trump should have his cabinet, and should have it soon.

Democrats are using the confirmation process to do what they couldn’t do in the November election —deny Trump the powers of the presidency. As of Monday night, only two cabinet members, James Mattis at Defense and John Kelly at Homeland Security, had been approved by the whole Senate. Mike Pompeo, was confirmed Monday night as CIA director.

By this time in Barack Obama’s first term, he had seven nominees confirmed, and Bill Clinton had his complete cabinet approved. Trump’s nominees are being held up for their political views, not for defaults in their character. A president should have lieutenants who reflect his vision and support his agenda.

The hearings have given Democrats the opportunity to vent their frustration at losing the election. And some seem intent on foisting their extreme views on the nominees.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders used his questioning of Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia, the nominee for heath and human services secretary, to express his disdain for the country. The quarrelsome Sanders asked Price whether all Americans, rich or poor, should be able to get health care when they needed.

Price began to answer, “Yes, we’re a compassionate society ... ,” but Sanders gruffly cut him of with this telling declaration:

“No, we are not a compassionate society!” He then proceeded to recite America’s failings in comparison to the rest of the world.

During education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos’ hearing, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, grilled her on her knowledge of the banking system, and then refused to shake her hand when the session ended.

This guerrilla war on Trump’s presidency must end. He should be given the same chance every previous president has been given to assemble a governing team.

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