Editor’s Note: Kid Rock: Get serious, or stay out

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

If Kid Rock is serious about running for the U.S. Senate from Michigan, then he needs to commit to running a serious campaign.

Celebrity is not enough. Being a kick ass musician who taps into the heart and soul of the common man isn’t either.

America doesn’t need another mad as hell Howard Beale who knows how to express the frustrations of the people, but has no plan for soothing them.

It could be, as some speculate, that Kid Rock, aka Robert Ritchie Jr., is engaged in a publicity stunt designed to sell the new music he recently released. That would be an unfortunate mockery of the political process, but not the first time an entertainer has made a fake run for office to boost his brand.

But if Rock is sincere, then he should be prepared to build a platform made from more than just his songs and anti-establishment anger.

He should come to voters with ideas. It’s not enough that voters know who he is — they need to know whether he stands for something real.

Anything short of that will make him just an amusing distraction in what should be an election that holds Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow accountable.

Stabenow, seeking her fourth six-year term, should be beatable. Her priority stopped being Michigan a long time ago. Now, she’s most interested in making sure she’s standing next to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer anytime a photo is snapped.

She takes her marching orders from Schumer, not the people of Michigan. There’s no more glaring evidence of that than her refusal to allow the federal judicial nomination of Joan Larsen to proceed. Larsen is a member of the Michigan Supreme Court and has been endorsed for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals by nearly every legal group in the state, liberal and conservative.

But Schumer has ordered Democratic senators not to forward Trump judicial nominees, and he’s who Stabenow aims to please.

If he makes a real run, Kid Rock can’t be ruled out.

Not after Michigan, a presidential blue state, gave its votes to Donald Trump last fall. Anything could happen.