You don’t have to be suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome to acknowledge what’s going on in the White House the last couple of weeks is taking bizarre to a whole new level.

President Donald Trump’s administration is under all-out attack, this time from within, not without.

It’s not the media or the Democratic resistance movement that is undermining the White House, it’s the president himself, and those who qualify for the moment as his top confidantes.

The fiercest Trump foe could not do better at belittling Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who once was one of Trump’s most loyal allies. The president is relentless in taking the legs out from under Sessions, who said Thursday he’ll stay as long as Trump wants him. Is he waiting for the president to erect an I DON’T WANT YOU billboard outside the Justice Department?

Now, the president’s new message man, Wall Street slick and Tony Soprano wannabe Anthony Scaramucci, is trying to pin the blame for a stream of damaging internal leaks on Reince Priebus, the former GOP chairman who serves as Trump’s chief of staff.

This fratricide is apparently aimed at forcing out those whom Trump has lost faith in, without the messiness of firing them.

But in the process, the president is further damaging the credibility of his own administration. Sessions and Priebus are in key positions, integral to advancing the administration’s agenda. But who in Washington will give them the time of day now that it’s clear The Boss is shutting them out?

In terms of political influence, they’re dead men.

Those who have been trying to paint the Trump White House as a chaotic palace filled with knaves and plotters playing with knives can stand down and let the president do that job for them.

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