Anthony Scaramucci didn’t last long enough for “Saturday Night Live” to skewer him.

“SNL” had made its season all about parodying the Trump White House. But the Wall Street operator the president tapped just over a week ago to be his communications director, was in and out the door while the comedy show was on its summer hiatus. Poor Joe Pesci. This might have been his shot at a comeback.

Scaramucci was apparently fired by Gen. John Kelly, the new White House chief of staff brought in after Scaramucci set up Reince Priebus for firing.

The question, beyond who “SNL” might have chosen to play Scaramucci, is whether his quick departure marks an end to the White House chaos, or a continuation of it.

Scaramucci is a Trump mini-me, and it looked as if the president brought him in as an enforcer to bust heads and root out disloyalty. His arrival sent a nervous shiver through the administration.

Along with undermining Priebus by accusing him of being a leaker, Scaramucci in his short tenure threatened the general staff and made a couple of outrageous phone calls to reporters, who naturally reported them.

Give Kelly, the former Homeland Security director, credit for recognizing the risk in having another loose cannon in the White House.

Hopefully, the retired Marine can bring some discipline to the Trump team, end the palace intrigue and shut down the internal subversion.

Perhaps the president will even take his counsel on the basics of leadership.

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