Remember these books: “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” “Obama’s Zombies” and “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies”?

Or what about these: “The Wit and (Anti) Wisdom of George W. Bush,” “George W. Bush and the War on Women” and “Lies of George W. Bush”?

Unless you were one of the few people who purchased those tomes, you’ve probably heard little about them. They are among the dozens of attack books written by authors with a personal or political grudge against a sitting president.

They are most often loosely reported, heavily reliant on information from anonymous insiders and aimed at making the president and his administration look either corrupt, illegitimate or dysfunctional.

And nearly all are sparsely quoted by the media and rarely addressed by the president they seek to embarrass.

“Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” the new book about the Donald Trump presidency by Michael Wolff, is little different in terms of the quality of its content. But it is flying off the shelf, an instant best seller.

Two things distinguish “Fire and Fury” from its kin.

First, Donald Trump, who has a compulsion to publicly answer every slight and counter every insult, veered from typical presidential response to such lurid trash and instead used his Twitter account and other avenues to refute Wolff point-by-point.

In doing so, he’s given the book far more publicity than it deserves, and his egomaniacal protests that he’s “very smart” and a “stable genius” lend credibility to the book’s key assertion that Trump is bat scat crazy.

Second, Wolff delivered the media exactly what it longed for: affirmation — no matter how sketchily reported and unverifiable — that Trump is mentally unfit for office. That set off a weekend of furious reporting on the president’s mental state, some of it featuring psychiatrists who have never spoken with the president speculating about his sanity.

Trump’s instability is the left’s version of the birther conspiracy theory that dogged Barack Obama, that fleeting straw they can grasp to disqualify an elected president from office.

Wolff gave them the fuel to keep it burning, and Trump contributed the match.

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