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Editor’s Note: State of the resistance

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address tonight holds the promise of being a festival of the resistance movement.

Democrats are scrambling to find dates to the speech in the Capitol with the greatest potential to embarrass or irritate the president. And given Trump’s thin skin, that should be an easy do.

Each congressperson can invite a guest to the chambers. This year, instead of taking spouses, children and big donors, Democratic congress members are lining up the so-called Dreamer immigrants, victims of sexual harassment, Muslims and others who hold grievances against the president.

There will be at least 24 Dreamers in the audience. And about 70 women who are activists in the #MeToo movement are guests of Congress.

Not every ticked off Democrats is bringing an equally angry companion. Some aren’t coming at all. At least a half dozen Democrats, mostly minorities, are boycotting the speech to protest what they see as Trump’s racist policies.

And several women Congress members are planning to wear all black, in mimicry of the actresses at the Golden Globes award.

This could be a carnival, if decorum gives way to passion. Trump is not likely to ignore heckling from the stands.

We could hope for civility, and perhaps we’ll even get it.

But this is not a civil era. And the Trump resisters find it almost impossible to pass up an opportunity for a protest.

Certainly, there are more appropriate venues than the floor of Congress during a State of the Union address.

But like civility, propriety is a nostalgic notion.

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