Editor’s Note: Anti-gun agenda won’t stop shootings

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Student leaders of this past weekend’s March For Our Lives had a specific list of demands they believe will help protect schoolchildren.

All of them, they say, fall under the umbrella of common sense gun control that won’t infringe on the Second Amendment.

First, they want the return of the assault weapons ban, which was allowed to expire in 2004 after a decade of accomplishing nothing to reduce gun violence. They also want to prohibit the sale of high-capacity magazines and require universal background checks for gun sales.

Maryland has already put in place nearly all of those provisions. So-called assault weapons, including rapid fire pistols, can’t be manufactured, sold or possessed in the state. Magazine capacity is limited to 10 rounds. And background checks are required for all handgun purchases, including private party sales, closing the gun show loophole. Maryland also denies guns to anyone being treated for mental illness.

How is it working?

It didn’t stop a 16-year-old student from Great Mills High School in Maryland from illegally bringing a pistol to school and shooting two students, including his ex-girlfriend, who later died. The possibility of additional student deaths was averted when an armed security officer, responding in less than a minute, killed the shooter.

The tough gun laws also are having no apparent impact on run-of-the-mill homicides. Baltimore, which has roughly the same population as Detroit, registered 343 murders in 2017, a record for the city and among the highest per capita rates in the nation.

Passing the agenda outlined by the students will not answer their demand for no more school shootings, and it will not reduce overall gun violence, which by the way has dropped by nearly 50 percent in the United States over the past 35 years.

Pretending it will diverts attention away from the more complex questions around violence in America, including the role played by increased mental illness, the breakdown in the family structure, the glorification of bloodshed by the entertainment industry and lax school security.

If we’re not willing to address those issues and instead default to blaming it all on the easy fall guy of the National Rifle Association, what will happen when the “common sense” gun control measures are all in place and our schools are still being shot up?

All that will be left to try is shredding the Constitution and depriving responsible, legal gun owners of their rights. And even then, the deranged and the demonic will find ways of killing their fellow citizens.

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