Poor Starbucks. In the coffee chain’s rush to prove it isn’t racist, it has run smack into charges of anti-Semitism. That’s the peril of playing the appeasement game.

After two black men were apparently wrongly arrested for loitering in a Starbucks store in Philadelphia, the retailer sought to quiet protests by agreeing to shut down the entire corporation, including all 8,000 outlets, on May 29 so all of its 175,000 workers can receive racial sensitivity training.

To help cleanse its workforce of its bigotry, Starbucks asked a number of advocacy groups to serve on an advisory committee. Among them were the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), one of nation’s the oldest Jewish rights groups.

But the presence of Jews on the panel didn’t sit well with some other groups, particularly Black Lives Matter. The ADL refuses to endorse the Black Lives Matter movement because many of its leaders are aligned with raging Jew hater the Rev. Lewis Farrakhan.

So those who most loudly accused Starbucks of racism are now pressuring the company to engage in anti-Semitism, and it is apparently succumbing.

The ADL will no longer be a part of the planning committee for Starbucks’ re-education day. But the company says it will work with the Jewish group in the future. It will need to. Having signaled that it’s OK to discriminate against Jews, Starbucks inevitably will have to shut down again to school its employees in the dark history of anti-Semitism and how it’s being practiced today by the very groups that claim to be fighting hate.

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