Tom Steyer has not bought his way into the White House yet, so it’s premature to talk of impeaching him. But sending the California billionaire packing from the political spotlight is a nice thought.

Steyer, the financier, environmental activist and rumored 2020 presidential candidate, brought his Impeachment Tour to Michigan Monday, where in two town halls he again called on the “lawless” Donald Trump to be forcefully removed from office.

Since the day Trump was elected, Steyer has been spending his fortune to reverse the outcome and put him on the street.

Despite spending millions on a television advertising campaign, the effort to build a groundswell movement to impeach Trump has fizzled. Even Democrats have been reluctant to climb aboard.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned over the weekend that if Steyer kept beating the impeachment drum, it risked scaring Republicans to the polls in November to counter what she hopes will be a Blue Wave.

And yet Steyer presses on. In Michigan, he’s pledging to spend $10 million on a get out the vote campaign to aide Democratic congressional candidates.

His hope is that a Democratic controlled Congress will pass articles of impeachment and eject Trump.

Earlier, Steyer threatened to fund a campaign to undo bi-partisan legislation guiding Michigan’s movement toward higher renewable energy standards in favor of a much more radical and costly timetable. He backed down only after bullying the utility companies into a somewhat less expensive compromise.

Steyer has helped saddle California with such a burdensome tax and regulatory regime that businesses and residents are leaving a state that otherwise would be a paradise.

Voters should pay close attention to the districts where Steyer is spending his money. And they should decide whether they want this left-leaning California style of politics brought into their communities.

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